The Oldest And The Best Attraction Of Haryana; Damdama Lake

A reservoir being built by the British government when they were ruling the country. This lake is commonly known as Damdama Lake. It is one of the largest lake in the city of Haryana that covers an area of around three thousand acres.The main significance of this lake is its construct that is made up of stone and is an earthen dam that collects and stores the rain water for the purpose of harvesting.

It was built around 1947 and is held by an embankment which does not have any other source for water to be collected except the rain water that pours into the lake from the Aravali hills. This is a common attraction for the tourism of Haryana that even is clouded with government resorts where tourists from various places come every year and stay to enjoy the natural beauty of this lake and the Aravali hills. It is located at a distance of around 45 km from gurgaon and is a two hours drive by road from the capital city of Delhi.

Specifications at this place:-

The main attraction of this place is the camp that is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains and is a picnic spot to have fun with family and friends. This place has an awesome atmosphere and the climate is considerably the best in the summer, monsoon and winter season.

There are a lot of varieties of birds that are the main attraction of this Dumdama Lake and even peacock are seen in this place. The place in the camp setup here is having adventurous sport facilities like that of hot air ballooning, Para sliding, rock climbing, cycling, angling, trekking and camping. These excitements make the people come to this place even repetitively throughout the year. In this place people even come to climb the mountains to see the diversified flora and fauna of this place.

Climate and ecology of this place:-

This place is spread quite in a broad space that have an attachment to the Aravalli hills through the falling water that gets collected into the space. Here the temperature ranges between 45 to 47 degree Celsius and is hot during summer. So the best time considered to come to this place is late summer to the end of winter.

Mostly the month from October to March is the best time to visit. Here there is an adventure resort located in the center of the Damdama Lake that have a moderate climate and is quite good to visit at any time. This place is natural home to the local and migratory birds where around 190 species can be seen. These birds are reported to flock from different places and are quite oftenly seen here.

Visit to this place is just like a dream come true with the natural beauty and the scenery of this place.

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